The positive effects of social media essay

It helps people develop better perspectives and reviews about current issues. Positive and negative effects of social media Positive and negative effects of social media Social media is the rage today. Kids, instead of playing cricket and painting, are consumed into Facebook and the likes.

Positive and negative effects of social media

Enhancement of knowledge is a definite merit of social media. One can post on the Facebook and reach a hundred, sometimes a million people at the same time. Eye sight loss, migraines and increased anxiety issues are just the beginning. Technology has its demerits and merits, and so does its offspring — Social Media.

Personal data can be obtained by hacking or phishing by criminals. Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tinder etc are some of the popular social networking websites and applications.

It also glamorizes drugs and alcohol. A few minutes of Instagram night before an important exam can be devastating! Where advertising on television and radio had cost thousands of bucks, advertising on the net can be virtually free of cost.

A number of frauds and scams have taken place due to social media. Cyber bullying is a major threat to the minds of the young. It is the cause for distraction of students and employees alike, leading to decreased productivity. A ping on whatsapp or a message on Facebook is irresistible to old and young alike.

Habits such as smoking and drinking have been glorified using social media in the past. Over use is one thing, but copying stunts shared by other users takes stupidity to a whole new level- a level where one can lose his life. Social media has made distant courses very easy to attend.

A simple rumor can ruin our reputation. A false sense of positivity and communication is going viral. Social media has also been a cause of death. Ideologies can be shared freely now. Positive effects of social media Social media has improved communication all over the world.

Negative effects of social media Social media has definitely strengthened connections, but it has also devoid us of the sense to judge which connection is worth fostering. This can lead to serious security breaches in our lives and can destroy is, if misused.

Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we see the world. Social networks have helped boost business. Also, sharing stuff on social media can help one gain some much needed help. Online distant education systems have helped literal a lot of people over the last decade. Relationships are breaking and trusting souls are disappearing.

Likes and dislikes of the general public can be assessed easily by marketing companies. Adolescents are trapped into these circles and ruin their lives.As social media application this of course brings many new effects in the development of adolescents and children, both negative and positive impacts.

The positive impact of social media in the development of IT actually bring many advantages, such as ease in communication, search and access informasi. Keywords: positive effects of social media, negative effects of social media, effects of social media on society Abstract. Social networking has changed the way people interact with each other forever.

Social networking first existed as an invention created in known as email, which is still used today (Email). Essay on The Negative Effects of Too Much Social Media Words | 6 Pages. Over the past few years social media has grown to be a phenomenon in our culture. Social media is getting out of hand.

We are seeing a lot of negative effects of it in our everyday life. Fake news, communal hatred, accidents because of live streaming on social media while driving, people dying while taking selfies are very common now.

The first type of social networking created was Email, which was invented in (Email). Since then social networking has advanced into a profile with numerous features that can be used and has integrated the use of email. I believe that their is a postitive affect in social media because it builds up confidence and allows people to stay organized and in the loop.

The positive effects of social media essay
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