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Or you can fax it to Activity Guide Cards Get the excitement going with these activities This set of 11 unique activity cards helps introduce teachers, parents, and students to each of the components of KIBO robotics and to engage children in fun learning challenges.

We are also happy to offer a Teaching Material Package that provides all the materials above in one complete package to help get your started.

Students learn how dogs should be Teachers material, walked, and cared for; what commands they should be taught; and how they can be kept safe. We are offer various Professional Developmentincluding training, lesson plan development and curriculum integration. In addition, dog owners who are deaf, blind, and disabled talk about their specially trained pets and demonstrate how the dogs make their lives easier.

The script contains lots of opportunities for singing and dancing, and its flexible casting provides speaking and non-speaking roles, as well as behind-the-scene jobs, for any number of students. Developed for students in grades K-6, the materials are most appropriate for students through grade 3.

Teacher Materials

Engineering Design Journals The easy way to learn engineering design processes Our Engineering Design Journals help students make their own learning visible by documenting their planning, revision, and testing.

Included in the packet are the script, detailed stage directions and diagrams, directions for creating costumes and sets, an audiotape of the songs, as well as printed versions of the song lyrics.

Classroom Materials

The guide includes suggestions for setup of a KIBO center including supplies and layout, advice for facilitating activities, and 10 complete lesson plans addressing cross-curricular connections and academic standards. Finally, a veterinarian discusses health care for pets.

These assessments, in the form of fun story problems with stickers that children need to solve, help teachers address student learning and outcomes.

ESL Teaching Resources

They can create and program robotic pets, build dream houses, and invent their own solutions to problems in favorite storybooks. Purebred Dogs Coloring Book. KIBO can even scan the game cards, just like the blocks.

Includes articles, games, contests, and giveaways order PKCN, limit The guide also contains a number of cross-curricular activities. Dogs of many different breeds are shown herding sheep, participating in water rescues, locating illegal drugs, and providing companionship for senior citizens.

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Teaching materials including free ESL handouts and printables, TESL jobs, educational news and a directory of teaching resources.

Also provides access to questions from students and teaching forum topics. See all the KIBO Teacher Materials and Curriculum Products available.

Teaching resources, children's and teacher books, lesson plans, book lists, classroom resources, educational products from Scholastic for PreK to 12 teachers.

Teachers material
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