Speech comparison of xerxes themistocles

He estimated men per trireme and reported the force of the fleet as amounting tomen 7. On their nocturnal escape, the crews mistake the Attic cliffs for hostile ships 8.

However, Herodotus divides these among twelve nations, whereby he again shows the geographic dimensions of the Persian Empire. Herodotus expressly exonerates the Thessalians from the reproach of Medism; their country could not have been defended 7.


According to the writings of Plutarch, the real Themistocles did have a wife, Archippe, with whom he had three sons: A messenger from Sparta demanded atonement for the death of Leonidas.

Xerxes is crowned with a wreath of olive branches, whose shoots reach over the entire earth, but the crown suddenly disappears 7. Here the question is far more complex, since Mysians and Teucrians had already crossed the Bosphorus to Thessaly long before the Trojan War 7.

Legacy Themistocles was often viewed unfavourably by early writers. Here, too, the battles continued for three days and were exactly synchronous with Thermopylae.

Like in the movie, Themistocles had learned from the mistakes he made in the Battle of Artemisium, realizing that Greece likely did not stand a chance when confronting the larger Persian navy in the open water. Barbarian threat in east and west. The warnings of the woman Artemisia, that the Greeks were as superior to the Persians on sea as the men were to the women, were cast to the winds 8.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

She is left to die in the street and is helped by a Persian warrior. While Artemisia I of Caria did not perish in battle, it is unclear how she actually died. Artemisia Eva Green clad in armor in The Carians also were encouraged to break away 8.

In front was the supply train; in the center were the Persians; and the rear consisted of the tribes of the empire. Amilcas with hismen had exactly the same forces 7.

Olynthos, which was equally suspected of treason, was conquered 8. Not shown in the movie, he witnessed Artemisia ramming another ship that had unknowingly crossed her path as she tried to get away from a pursuing Athenian trireme.

Once more a miraculous sign boded misfortune to the Persians. Rise of an Empire movie, a young Artemisia Caitlin Carmichael watches as her family is murdered by a squad of Greek hoplites.Speech Comparison of Xerxes & Themistocles. Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Darius I & Themistocle were 2 of many people who played a sig.

role in Xerxes’ reign. Themistocles was known as the great Athenian strategist who united the Greekstates & saved Greece. Darius the 1st was the father & predecessor of Xerxes. Themistocles used a trick to provoke Xerxes to attack (to overcome hesitation) When Greeks noticed danger of isolation, they accepted battle Didn't happen without auspicious omens, for there had just arrived the cult statues of the Aeacids, which had beeen evacuated from Aegina ().

The true story behind Rise of an Empire reveals that Themistocles did not kill Xerxes's father, King Darius I of Persia (Darius the Great), with an arrow at the Battle of Marathon.

King Darius died approximately four years later in BC of failing health. Speech Comparison of Xerxes & Themistocles Essay people who played a sig. role in Xerxes ’ reign. Themistocles was known as the great Athenian strategist who united the Greekstates & saved Greece.

Xerxes was a man of power. The Great King of Persia, his empire encompassed the majority of the known world. On his invasion of Greece in the spring of BCE, he reportedly commanded a horde of over two million men. Themistocles seems to have deliberately set Athens up as a rival to Sparta in the aftermath of Xerxes's invasion, basing this strategy on Athenian naval power (contrasted with the power of the Spartan army).

Speech comparison of xerxes themistocles
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