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Awards The Industrial Court hands down order called an award on issue referred to it. The Minister Section 20 industrial relations act 1967 also attempt to get the parties to concilliate.

For dismissal cases under Section 20, the Court may order: The Court may also order compensation in lieu of reinstatement base on the formula on one month salary for every year of service.

If matter still cannot be settled, the department will report to the Director General. If there is not settlement, the matter will be reported to the Director General who may in turn try to settle the representations.

A collective aqgreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties. Where a trade union has been accorded recognition in respect of any workman or class of workmen, no other trade union shall make any claim for recognition in respect of the same workman or class of workmen unless a period of three years.

The Court shall act according to equity, good conscience and the substantial merits of the case without regard to technicalities and legal form.

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The entire concilliation process looks something as follows: See Section 20 Industrial Court The Industrial Court is a tribunal whose main functions are to hear, decide and hand down awards relating to trade disputes referred to it directly by employers and trade union of workmen or by the Minister.

See Part III Collective Bargaining Where a trade union of workmen has been accorded recognition by an employer or a trade union of employers - a the trade union of workmen may invite the employer or trade union of employers to commence collective bargaining; or b the employer or the trade union of employers may invite the trade union of workmen to commence collective bargaining for purpose of setting out the proposals for a collective agreement However a trade union of workmen may not include in its proposals for a collective agreement a proposal concerning promotion by an employer of any workman, transfer of a workman within the organisation.

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In making its award in respect of a trade dispute, the Court shall have regard to the public interest, the financial implications and the effect of the award on the economy of the country.

An Industrial Court is headed by a President and a panel of persons representing employers and workmen respectively. Parties concerned will try to reach an agreement through negotiation. MEF ; A workman who is a party to the trade dispute may represent himself or by his trade union or by an official of an organisation such MTUC In any conciliation proceedings, representation by an advocate, adviser, consultant is not allowed.

The Director General will make further effort to help the parties to reach an agreement. Where a trade dispute cannot be settled by negotiation between the parties, the Industrial Relations Department will step in. The President or Chairmen are legally qualified persons with at least 7 years experience in the legal profession before their appointments.

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See Part V Representations on Dismissals Where a workman, irrespective of whether he is a member of a trade union of workmen or otherwise, considers that he has been dismissed without just cause or excuse by his employer, he may make representations in writing under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act to be reinstated in his former employment.

Where an award has been made by the Industrial Court, the award shall operate as a bar to any action for damages by the workman in any court in respect of wrongful dismissal.Section 20 of the Malaysian Industrial Relations Act (“IRA ”) provides that an employee who claims he has been unfairly dismissed may make a representation to the Director General for Industrial Relations (“Representation”) within 60 days from the date of his dismissal.

Guide To Industrial Relations Act he may make representations in writing under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act to be reinstated in his former employment. He must make the claim within 60 days from the date of dismissal.

See Section Industrial Court. Act INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ACT As at 1 October 2 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ACT Section Representations on dismissals PART VII INDUSTRIAL COURT Industrial Court Constitution of the Court Industrial Relations 13 “workman” means any person, including an apprentice, employed.

Types of cases which are referred to the Industrial Court: (a) By the Honourable Minister of Human Resourses. i) Section 20(3) Industrial Relations Act (Dismissal).

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ACT, SYNOPSIS The Industrial Relations system in the country operates within the legal framework of the Industrial Relations Act, and the Industrial Relations Regulations,which is applicable throughout Malaysia.

Industrial Relations Act 1967 (2010 revision)

Section 9 of the Industrial Relations Act deals with claims for recognition by a trade union of employees. The significant changes brought about to this section by.

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Section 20 industrial relations act 1967
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