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For example, the shopper may request that they see the product in the colour blue. Close to each item for example attached to the item or set into the front face of the shelf on which the item stands is a ticket identifying the respective item.

When the shopper has requested a product, the server 1 verifies from the product database that the requested product is in stock, in response to either the shopper request data message.

This may be performed as a request analysis for a particular day, time, or employee. The server may also store in the shopper request database an indication that the product was presented to the customer.

If the shopper requests to see an item similar to the one on display, but in another colour, the salesman may then reformulate and send a further shopper request data message using the product code from the previously scanned barcode of the item on display and adding information via the keypad to indicate the newly requested colour.

An assistant can only log onto one terminal at once. The base-station unit 3 and the wireless terminal units 8 may be based on the Piccolink system available from Nordic ID. For example, running out of a particular line when there is still demand for such items results in Retail information system essay loss of a Retail information system essay sale.

Some of the terminals shown at 5 are issued to staff in the Retail information system essay room The server unit 1 may also retrieve the information for that product from the storage unit 2 and cause a product information response message to be transmitted by base station unit 3 to interface unit 8 and thence to processor 6.

In a further alternative embodiment of the present invention the salesman may indicate the identity of a customer to the server. When a salesman is assisting a customer, his terminal 4 can provide him with information on products in a number of forms.

Since the time of each request made in one embodiment of the invention be recorded on the shopper request database, an analysis of the frequency of requests relating to particular items may be achieved.

In response, the server will store an indication that the product was not presented to the shopper in the shopper request database. The salesman may be issued with a personal terminal. The choice between these modes depends on the speed of the server and the available wireless bandwidth and the available processing and memory capacity of the terminals in a specific application.

The data storage unit also stores information relating to requests from shoppers as described below. Buying too much or too little of a particular line of goods can have serious consequences for the cash flow of a business. The present invention is not limited to this format of shop and may be implemented in shops of other formats.

After the salesman has collected the product from the stock room he sends a product presented data message to the server. This data forms a product database. A key is provided to enable the user to void whatever transaction they are in the middle of and return to a main menu screen.

In use the salesroom information system of figure 1 is capable of providing salesmen with information on products so as to assist them in making sales, transferring information on sales around the shop so as to facilitate the process of making a sale, and gathering information on sales and enquiries for management use.

In response the server stores a record of the new request to the database, together with an indication that this item was suggested to the customer as an alternative. In the example of figure 1, some of the terminals shown at 4 are issued to staff in the showroom or shop floor who can carry the terminals with them as they consult with shoppers.

The salesman may then request full product information for any of those products. The terminals are preferably of a sufficiently small size to be conveniently held and carried by hand.

The operator can use the arrow keys to scroll through the options. The bar code reader 11 includes an optical sensor 12 and a bar code processing unit 13 for analysing input from the sensor as it is drawn by a user across a bar code and decoding it to determine the value encoded by the bar code.

The entered assistant ID is validated against the salesman database and if invalid an error appears on the terminal display.

This may be achieved by numbering each time salesman deals with a new customer. A further disadvantage of buying stock in smaller quantities is that this may increase the wholesale price per unit, of a particular line of stock. The salesman may additionally read any displayed information using the keypad 10 to indicate to the processor which information is to be displayed and provide the customer with the required information.

It is assumed that an 8 line x 20 column display screen will be available on the terminal, and line 1 of the display area will be static.

The system may initiate perpetual inventory stock control. The commercial success of many retail businesses relies heavily on the manner in which stock is bought.

The terminal of figure 2 comprises a processor 6 which is connected to a non-volatile memory 7, a wireless terminal unit 8, a display 9, a keypad 10, and a bar code reader This allows the salesman to attempt to satisfy a customer who requests an item that is out of stock.

This may be stored on the data base together with an indication of which salesman is dealing with the request.RETAIL INFORMATION SYSTEM This invention relates to a system for retrieving and providing information relating to sales, using for example salesman handsets or.

Retail Information System Essay

Retail Information System supports the strategies of Strengthening customer and supplier intimacy. 7-Eleven through the system to analyze the data shows which items are selling well in which stores, which items customers are most interested in, seasonal demand for items and which items are most profitable to sell in the first place.

Walmart Information Management System (IMS) Walmart is a retail giant that just about everyone in America has purchased something from them. It is a one stop shop for. However in these days of computer and information technology, use of retail software for the purpose has become common feature of the commercial world.

Use of Retail Software for Inventory Control An inventory control system is a process for managing and locating objects or materials. Information Technology Systems In The Retail Industry Information Technology Essay.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 2. Introduction 2. Body 3.

Implications of implementing information technology systems in the retail industry 3. ยง What system modules and functions you should look for in purchasing a new retail system. Names, phone numbers and web site addresses for some of the best Canadian distributors of retail system software.

What you can expect to pay for a state-of-the-art retail information system. How to perform.

Retail information system essay
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