Is my thesis good enough

I will have been solely responsible for the death of many a tree. Has anyone else had to patch up a relationship gone bad after it was all over? I had heard enough remarks to realize that, were I to fail, several tenured faculty members would not be unbearably disappointed, and never mind that my thesis was original work and almost guaranteed publication.

In the end, one of my other supervisors intervened and recommended my thesis be submitted. Build relationships with all of your supervisors.

Books were to be enjoyed, I had insisted at departmental meetings, and not simply studied. The second reader was subject to petit mal, moments of mental blackout in which he could barely function, and an attack had hit him during the defense.

Rephrase the main question; start with another question word e. Not just a little run down or out of sorts. Whenever I speak to academics about the process of writing a PhD thesis, all of them, almost without exception, say that when they look back at what they wrote, it is a cringe inducing experience.

Wells thesis that had been successfully defended a few years earlier. Rephrase the main question and possibly the problem statement. I came to my PhD after working on a wide range of research projects.

I think these are great tips. Make all of them accountable and responsible for your progress and wellbeing. I was writing about science fiction — and not science fiction old enough to be of historical interest, like the H.

Let me say that again. This was a critical error. About all I could do was prepare some explanations of why my subject was worthy of attention, readying a defense in depth that guarded against every attack which I could anticipate.

So when I am having one of those days when I start to obsess about this paragraph or that sentence, I stop and give myself a shake. As I mentioned before, I also followed my supervisor to another institution.

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I had a great supervisor. A call for a view is referred to as an evaluative question. But after all my uncertainty leading up the defense, his reaction was so much of an anti-climax as to be ironic. She is the mum of The Dudes, the wife of a professional rugby player and the owner of chickens.

The second reader disappeared almost immediately, and the supervisor explained his strange behavior. Stress does terrible things to the body.In response, my good supervisor was less than supportive. I won’t go into all the details. In the end, one of my other supervisors intervened and recommended my thesis be submitted.

It passed with no changes. Yup, no changes. When things finally got bad enough that others got involved, I had a history of missed meetings, strings of. How can I know if my thesis has enough and good results for a PhD? up vote 2 down vote favorite.



So I am doing a PhD for nearly 3 years now. I am self-funding my PhD, and I think I already have enough work for my PhD (in Mech. Engineering). How can I know if my thesis has enough quality and results quantity? Any tips on how to evaluate. Aug 19,  · The Principles Underpinning a ‘Good Enough’ PhD Thesis Posted on August 19, by socphd Bev is a part-time, self-funded, remote access PhD student at Newcastle University.

Jun 10,  · Keep in mind that in my discipline (Rhetoric and Technical Communication) it’s unusual for a PhD candidate to be handed a research problem by their advisor’s research program. The candidate is expected to identify their own research problem, devel. My thesis defense. March 3, by Bruce Byfield.

As if that wasn’t precarious enough, my thesis supervisor was the department’s token humanist. By working with him, I had announced to the entire department that I was not in any of the popular critical camps, such as the feminists or the post-colonials. My thesis is very simple.

What should I do to make it seem like enough work? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Your writing, at its best. Is my thesis statement on Krabat good enough? How do I know if my thesis topic is good enough or not? How can I make a writing blog very interesting?

Is my thesis good enough
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