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Like much of her other writing, including the short stories she was known for, the novel deals with the effects of apartheid in South Africa. In turn, Makhaya uses his knowledge of the Tswana language to share the agricultural information with the women in Golema Mmidi.

He tells him that Gilbert can even eat the local food—sour milk porridge and goat meat—which has turned European stomachs in the past. Throughout the novel we are witness a society that is largely based around the roles of men and women, the plot is centred around the idea that each gender should stick to its designated roles, and no more Example: Dinorego speaks highly of Gilbert, saying that the man is his son and a giving person.

Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 26 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Social Progress and Religion and Insight. Paulina asks a rancher, Rankoane, why her son was not sent home as well. The men of the village are seen to be the ones to collect the food and provide for the family.

Together they try not only to change the outdated methods of farming Essay questions on when rain clouds gather villagers, but also confront the excesses of the local leader who shamelessly profited from the population.

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This book explores the themes of political emigration, refugee problems, corruption, the transformation of the traditional way of life of Africans, racial hatred and, of course, loves. When he saw the bare land, the dry ground, the arid head, and he compared it to his home country, he realised that Botswana was much worse off than he had thought He knew he would never look at any crop, grass, or portion of water the same, and that he would do his utmost to take care of it.

Both of them have a tribalistic background, and we can understand some things about tribalism through them. It acts as a barrier for Gilbert, as he cannot convince others to use his ideas for agriculture, because people are bound to their customs.

Gilbert invites Makhaya to share a meal with him at his house, and he is amazed when Makhaya explains the simple tribal name that he was given. Tradition and older belief systems can exist alongside scientific advancements and independent thinking.

Dinorego immediately introduces him to Gilbert, a British agricultural specialist who has also made the village of Golema Mmidi his home. Makhaya, however, makes a good impression with all those he meets, including George Appleby-Smith, the police constable. More essays like this: Gilbert teaches Makhaya how to drive a tractor, and instructs him in agricultural farming.

The women however, stick to their traditional role of preparing food and watching over the children. The plot is centred around the tribal society of Golema Mmidi and the trials and tribulations of the protagonist, Makhaya.

He crosses the border into Botswana, and after being befriended by Dinorego, he decides to stay in the village of Golema Mmidi. He settles in a poor village where the English farmer Gilbert, who hopes to change the traditional way of farming its inhabitants and make life in these difficult conditions a little better, is doing business.

Gilbert decides that Makhaya is not interested in tribalism and decides to take him on as a worker on his farm. Sekoto and Matenge are representative of the old system, a tribal system where people feel justified in taking advantage of those they deem as their subjects.

Soon, everyone is interested in the changes that Gilbert Golema Mmidi has suffered a drought, and without cultivation the land and streams were taken over by dry grass.

The aims of the author are to show the horrible living conditions due to the same problem of tribalism as chiefs only thought about themselves and prevented local people to develop.

Dinorego refers Makhaya to Gilbert, believing the newcomer can assist the Englishman in his agricultural undertakings. Makhaya is also introduced to several other notable individuals, including Paulina Sebeso.

The trials and tribulations of her characters while dealing with the segregationist political system, under which blacks were systematically abused, can be seen throughout her works, including in When Rain Clouds Gather.

Makhaya also learns that Gilbert has been working on a cattle cooperative for the past three years. George is left to inform Sekoto of what has transpired.

He crosses the border into Botswana and becomes part of the village of Golema Mundi, whose members are experimenting with new agricultural methods under the tutelage of a white Englishman named Gilbert Balfour. Although to some extent this may seem sexist, it has been what has helped keep their small village functioning for many a generation, and therefore can be seen as a part of tribal life and society for people living in Golema Mmidi.

Gilbert sees that fencing the area would prevent the livestock from freely grazing and would prevent desertification, but Matenge tells people that Gilbert wants to enslave them by putting up fences on their land.When Rain Clouds Gather Homework Help Questions How is Chief Matenge seen as the one individual standing in the way of progress in Golema Mmidi Chief Matenge is the tyrant of Golema Mmidi.

Feb 07,  · Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want. When Rain Clouds GatherEN, Botswana The poverty-striken village of Golema Mmidi, in the heart of rural Botswana, is a haven to.

When Rain Clouds Gather () was Head's first novel. When Rain Clouds Gather is set in Botswana, a mostly desolate land that borders South Africa.

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The protagonist, Makhaya Maseko, is a refugee from South Africa who slips over the Botsanian border to. You will also start to ask yourself questions like, what does it consist of?

In addition, where did it come from?

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does Bessie Head use symbolism in her novel When rain clouds gather and what effect does it have on the way we read and respond to the story? More about When Rain Clouds Gather.

Essay on Acid Rain Words | 7 Pages; Essay. When rain clouds gather essay questions It is a clause questions gather clouds when rain essay or name and description of your presentation, including such items requires time for reading, critiquing, and returning to check on length.

Interpolation in graphing, the assumed trend or relationship in your discipline. Which character, of all those depicted in When Rain Clouds Gather, is most important to the success and This is just a preview.

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