An analysis of the meaning of the color red in the movie american beauty

Color is used not only to show juxtapositions in neighborhoods, but to bring out the characters as well.

American Beauty: Color Red as a Motif

The lighting is dim and the prevalent color throughout the home is white or cream. Booth concludes that the film resists any one interpretation: Sam Mendes delivers his message of the consequences of achieving the American dream by showing all the misfortunes of this family and encourages society to find the beauty in the world by prioritizing your life properly so life is not gone to waste.

Buddy ends the affair, fearing an expensive divorce. The characters in "American Beauty" are yearning to fulfill a dream that they think will somehow get them out of their miserable life: His wife, Carolyn, is an ambitious real estate broker; their sixteen-year-old daughter, Jane, abhors her parents and has low self-esteem.

American Beauty is a film that delves into your typical, middle-class suburban American home and slowly uncovers all of the abnormalities that lie within. Hall disagrees; she says by presenting an early resolution to the mystery, the film allows the audience to put it aside "to view the film and its philosophical issues".

In a comparison of scenes of the Burnham family we see an important shift of how the family operates after Lester decides that he is not going to be tied down to the American dream.

How can they be so shameless? This shows the need to find a balance outside of the American dream, while consumed with all the materials and desires the family has been broken, when Lester liberates himself he finds a new happiness, identity and wants to share it with his family.

However, they failed to notice the clever use of color used throughout the film—especially the color red.

Looking Closer at

Mendes uses this color transformation to show that Lester has remembered the things he wanted. In love with another Marine, Col. Instead of building upon what they had, Lester and his wife lose themselves and trash the beauty that could have been theirs.

While the cheerleaders perform their half-time routine to " On Broadway ", Lester becomes increasingly fixated on Angela. He felt his first take lacked grace, but for the last attempt, he changed the location to the front of a brick wall and added leaves on the ground.

The beauty of roses is superseded with danger, for they have thorns that can prick. Mendes ingeniously shows this in the beginning of the film when Caroline undresses to clean a house and underneath her drab yellow suit is a crimson red camisole. It is easy to take this film for yet another Hollywood tale about the emptiness and meaninglessness of life stripped from all illusion and pretense.

What Is the Symbolism of Roses in

It was funny; it was angry, sad. Although the plot spans one year, the film is narrated by Lester at the moment of his death. American Beauty The beauty in the american dream In life as an American or an immigrant coming to America, most of the population works or strives to achieve the American Dream.There are many ways symbols that can be used in a movie.

Today I will examine one of them. Alan Ball, the screenwriter of 'American Beauty,' makes riveting use of the color red throughout the film. The theme of beauty, and specifically American beauty, emerges through all of the main characters in the movie.

The American Beauty could be the sultry teen Angela, the epitome of blonde American. American Beauty: The Color Red and the Power of the Visual Image The ‘beauty’ in American Beauty.

Given we were told by Lester Burnham in the opening shot of American Beauty that he was going to die, the ending was, in some ways, already spoiled. American Beauty displays the family as trapped by the ideology of the American dream and the need to find balance and escape from the reality of the American dream, breaking away from the norm; the movie is a tale of liberation, to live with satisfaction after you achieve what is considered the American.


The movie “American Beauty” literally is trying to express how much beauty there is in America but it is not always so easy to see. Often in the film objects normally thought of as ordinary are magnified to express deeper meaning and show what beauty really exists in the world.

Color scheme in American Beauty

In SeptemberEmpire named American Beauty the 96th "Greatest Movie of All Time" after a poll of 10, readers, filmmakers, and 50 film critics, the fourth-highest ranked movie from (behind Fight Club, The Matrix, and Magnolia).

An analysis of the meaning of the color red in the movie american beauty
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