A visit to the seaside essay

Some were shaped like conical hats, others like fans and there were some spiral-shaped ones tinted with grey and brown hues. The water of the sea was crystal clear and deep blue in colour.

Though I was unhappy when we had to return home in the evening, my father promised me that he would take me to the seaside again very soon.

A Joyful Trip On A Sea-Side Town Puri

After the lunch, the entertainment began. A wave of happiness which went round us, will remain fresh in our memory for a long time. We hired a hut because it was necessary to take rest in the afternoon.

We quickly packed some refreshments and swimming costumes, not forgetting our cameras and deck chairs. After a while, we swam in the sea which was cool and pleasant.

All in all, the experience at the seaside was amazing and thrilling. After a half an hour drive,we arrived at Teluk Batik beach. Asif entertained us with his songs. Each of us carried best of dishes prepared at home.

In short we did full justice to it without caring for our stomachs. It was a happy union. At last, we sighted the blue waters, sparkling in the sunlight.

Paragraph on Visit to a Sea-Side – by Anand

Before leaving,we made sure to take some screenshots. A warm and muggy day was the perfect weather combination to go to the seaside. Soon enough,we decided to play beach volleyball. Our warm body chilled when the cold sea water touches our body. My sister and brother decided to build sandcastles while my parents and I enjoyed the sea breeze.

We wished to return home. Cold wind was blowing. We have already passed 5 days, We came back from Puri. I waited anxiously for the next round of waves to come and crash into me. We were on cloud nine at that moment. It was relieving to face the cool sea water after being in the warm weather for a long time.

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I stuck one hand in front of the other and started paddling as fast as I can.

This temple is visited by lots of pilgrims as well as tourists in every year. We availed ourselves of the Puri Duronto Express. Puri sea beach is safe for bathing.

After we were exhausted,we returned to the seashore. Finally, we parked our car at a shady spot under some coconut palms. We wandered on the sea shore and collected pebbles and shell. This cycle repeated itself several times. I had a whale of a time on that day.

We prayed to them for mercy.

It was ideal for a picnic by the sea. There were small kids nearby who were building sandcastles and throwing sand at each other.

It was an enjoyable day by the sea as it was a welcome change from our usual busy and monotonous routine in the city. As the white sand burned under my feet, I took a deep breath of fresh air.- Weston-Super-Mare's Growth as a Seaside Resort From the mid to 's onwards, seaside resorts became increasingly popular as holiday destinations for Royalty and the upper class, then later on for the middle class and working class.

THE BEACH essaysA place that I enjoy going to is the beach. It is seen as a place of relaxation because it is normally quiet and peaceful there. To look around you and see the beauty of mother nature at it's finest. The majority of people you ask will say that it is one of their favorite vacat.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Visit To Seaside. My Visit To a Mosque MY VISIT TO A MUSLIM MOSQUE I t was Friday. July 16,I finally decided to visit a Muslim mosque, which is located at Franklin Drive in Ft.

Aug 30,  · Check out our top Free Essays on A Visit To The Seaside to help you write your own Essay. Everyone has a place where they go to escape all the pressures and worries of life.

There is always that one spot that can soothe all your problems and troubles in times of stress. For me, the beach is the ultimate cure to all of my problems.

While I am there, all of my obligations are suddenly /5(21).

A visit to the seaside essay
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