A review of the movie gone with the wind by victor fleming

Nugent described her as the "pivot of the picture" and believed her to be "so perfectly designed for the part by art and nature that any other actress in the role would be inconceivable". In doing so, a number of shots were optically re-framed and cut into the three-strip camera negatives, forever altering five shots in the film.

It was released theatrically one more time in the United States, in Flinn wrote for Variety that Selznick had "left too much in", and that as entertainment, the film would have benefited if repetitious scenes and dialog from the latter part of the story had been trimmed.

A double bill of Hawaiian Nights and Beau Geste was playing, and after the first feature it was announced that the theater would be screening a preview; the audience were informed they could leave but would not be readmitted once the film had begun, nor would phone calls be allowed once the theater had been sealed.

Garmes completed the first third of the film—mostly everything prior to Melanie having the baby—but did not receive a credit. In all, there are ninety-nine separate pieces of music featured in the score.

In the official credits filed with the Screen Writers GuildSidney Howard was of course awarded the sole screen credit, but four other writers were appended There are moments when the two categories meet on good terms, but the long stretches between are filled with mere spectacular efficiency.

A precursor to the modern Hollywood blockbuster, it is a raging juggernaut of a film, a cinematic tsunami which, despite several obvious shortcomings, manages to enrapture its audience by offering one of the most satisfying movie experiences imaginable.

Selznick and Fleming, eager to continue with their acting, kept hurrying me. Although she has many admirers, she is love with just one man, Ashley Wilkes, but he is engaged to another woman, Melanie Hamilton. Here, she meets Rhett Butler, a disreputable self-made man who has been disowned by his family.

A carefully orchestrated publicity campaign contributed to the enormous box office receipts the film earned when it went on general release infollowing its legendary premiere in Atlanta in Hartsfieldwhich included a parade of limousines featuring stars from the film, receptions, thousands of Confederate flags and a costume ball.

It made its network television debut in November later that year: After reaching saturation as a roadshow, MGM revised its terms to a 50 percent cut and halved the prices, before it finally entered general release in at "popular" prices.

Hecht wrote, "After each scene had been performed and discussed, I sat down at the typewriter and wrote it out. The film is a testament to the extraordinary ambition and vision of the independent producer David O.

However, Hopkins was in her mid-thirties at the time and was considered too old for the part. Howard had returned to England due to the outbreak of World War IIand Fleming had fallen out with Selznick and declined to attend any of the premieres. Production[ edit ] Before publication of the novel, several Hollywood executives and studios declined to create a film based on it, including Louis B.Gone With the Wind boils down to a story about a spoiled Southern girl's hopeless love for a married man.

Gone. With. The. Wind. 1939

Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood. Written By: What's on & what's gone. 56 94%(83). Gone With the Wind is the film that is closest to my heart. It manages to move me like no other film can.

Victor Fleming

From the opening credits, with its great musical scoring, I immediately become overwhelmed by what I see in front of me/5(). Watch video · Classic, Epic, Historic, Romantic, Hollywood, Film, Movie, Victor Fleming, Margaret Mitchell, David O Selznick, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Skip to main content Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Detailed review of the film Gone with the Wind () directed by Victor Fleming, and starring Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil, Vivien Leigh. Earning an unprecedented 13 Oscar nominations, Gone With the Wind won eight statuettes and two special awards, taking Best Picture in Hollywood's "miraculous" year, as well as Best Director for Victor Fleming, and Best Actress for Vivien Leigh/ Jan 17,  · Watch video · Directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood.

With Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil. A manipulative woman and a roguish man conduct a turbulent romance during the American Civil War and Reconstruction periods/10(K).

A review of the movie gone with the wind by victor fleming
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