A history of the chartres cathedral of notre dame

The basic scheme of the choir and 3 chapels also date back to that same church. Beginning inthe bases of the facade were put in place, and the first traverses were completed.

Those in charge withdrew the order to bomb the cathedral, and in that way they were able to save it. Generally ranked as one of the three chief examples of Gothic French architecture along with Amiens Cathedral and Reims Cathedralit is noted not only for its architectural innovations but also for its numerous sculptures and its much-celebrated stained glass.

The date of the first buttresses is not known with any precision; they were installed some time in the 13th century.

Chartres Cathedral History

The buttresses meant that the walls could be higher and thinner, and could have much larger windows. With its shops and restaurants and pretty sights, Chartres is fun to visit for the whole family. More Articles about Medieval and Gothic Art. In the Middle Agesthe cathedral functioned as a kind of marketplace, with different commercial activities centred on the different portals, particularly during the regular fairs.

The cathedral at Chartres was among the first sites to be included in the Unesco list of world heritage in The oldest parts of the cathedral are its crypt and the west portal, or Royal Portal, which are remnants of a Romanesque church that was mostly destroyed by fire in Its cruciform design plan - typical of French Gothic Basilicas, and similar to those of Amiens and Reims - includes a two bay vestibule narthex at the western end leading into a seven bay nave up to the crossing with its three-bay transepts.

The History of Chartres

It is regarded as one of the great masterpieces of Gothic architecture. Chartres is unique in having 3 separate triple-doorways. The use of simpler four-part rather than six-part rib vaults meant that the roofs were stronger and could be higher. Chartres emerged with relatively little damage from the political and religious upheavals of the 16th century and sustained less damage than most cathedrals during the French Revolution — The location of Chartres is so deeply honored and respected that it is the only cathedral not to have a single king, bishop, cardinal, canon, or anyone interred in the soil of its mound.

The bishop of Chartres, Fulbert, immediately undertook the task of its rebuilding, in the Romanesque architecture style of a white church.

The rose window in the north transept portrays figures from the Old Testament.

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres

As it stands, it is sorely neglected. Plans for a crossing tower were abandoned in and the crossing was vaulted over.

Chartres: Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Between andJean Texier built a new bell tower.The History of Chartres Chartres is most known for it’s gothic cathedral that was built around the same time as the Notre Dame de Paris.

The city is located in lower Normandy and evidence of that architecture is found everywhere. A tour of the architecture of the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Chartres, France an early example of the Gothic style and the religious significance of many details.

Chartres Cathedral (Notre Dame de Chartres), c and – c.

Chartres Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris (French: [nɔtʁə dam də paʁi] (listen); meaning "Our Lady of Paris"), also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame, is a medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France.

Chartres Cathedral, perhaps even more so than Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris (), is generally considered to be the greatest and best preserved example of Gothic architecture in France.

Located roughly 80 kilometres southwest of Paris, the Basilican cathedral was largely built between andand was the fifth cathedral to stand. The Knights Templar, through the implementation of Gothic architecture (which included Sacred Geometry), constructed some of the most beautiful and long-lasting spiritual monuments in the world, the Notre-Dame Cathedrals.

Of these cathedrals, one of the most magnificent and sacred is Notre-Dame-de-Chartes. Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres, c and c, Chartres (France).

A history of the chartres cathedral of notre dame
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